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Share your memories of Slapton Beach

Share your memories of Slapton Beach

Do you have any historical photos, anecdotal evidence or images that show how Slapton Beach has changed over the years?
This request is coming from the Slapton Line Partnership, a group of organisations who are responsible for managing the fragile shingle bar, located in South Devon, which separates the freshwater lagoon of Slapton Ley from Start Bay.

Over the years the shingle bar and the A379 road which runs along it have been put at risk by heavy storms.  Last winter was particularly bad, with storms repeatedly battering the coast and damaging the road and sea defences.
Over this time the lowering beach levels and the need for reactive repairs have demonstrated just how important the A379 and the Slapton Line are to the wider community.

The Slapton Line Partnership has now commissioned consultants CH2M Hill to develop a comprehensive Beach Management Plan (BMP). Working with the local community, the consultants will look in detail at what feasible options exist which could help to maintain both the Slapton Line and the A379.
Once complete the Beach Management Plan will put the Partnership in a better position to be able to bid for any future funding to implement the options.

The Plan will collate information from previous studies, such as the review completed in 2006, as well as the continuous monitoring that is undertaken by the Plymouth Coastal Observatory and Plymouth University (who form part of the consultants’ project team).
Coastal processes analysis along with any preferred engineering measures will, where appropriate, be used to better inform the management of adjacent communities.
The first phase of work involves a ‘desk top’ study, where the consultants will analyse all of the evidence and material that they can gather from the local communities along with previous studies that have taken place.

Once the team have worked through all of the options, they will hold a public exhibition to share their thoughts with the local community before completing the Plan.
The final Beach Management Plan will form the cornerstone of any further work that is undertaken on the Slapton Line and inform the Partnerships policy for managing the area in the future.

Anyone who would like to contribute to the desk top study, with photos evidence, videos or local knowledge is invited to send their contribution to:
All updates on the progress of the Beach Management Plan will be posted on Twitter using #SlaptonBMP, the Slapton Line Partnership Website and be sent out via the South Hams District Council’s E Bulletin service Stay Connected (simply sign up for the Slapton Line Partnership Bulletin).

There is a Briefing Note with more information available on the Slapton Line Partnership website

  • Publish Date: Friday 24th February 2017