Saturday 31 July 2021

Update 14 on the Environment Agency's work at Torcross

The Environment Agency is working to complete a repair to stabilise the existing flood defence in Torcross. Work is progressing as planned. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year. Your support has been greatly appreciated by all the site team.

How is the work progressing?

Work began on Monday 7 November 2016. Piling started at the corner adjacent to the existing slipway and has progressing from North to South, parallel to the existing structure.

We are working an 11-day cycle. Our current cycle started on the started on 28 November and finished yesterday, 8 December. Our next 11-day cycle begins on Monday 12 December 2016.

We are pleased to confirm the main sheet piling works are complete with all piles installed. We have already started work to form the concrete capping beam at beach level. We hope to pour a proportion of this before Christmas.

Will you be working over Christmas?

As we confirmed in our last update, our last major day of work on-site before Christmas will be 21 December 2016. We are keen to take advantage of the mild weather if it continues up to Christmas. We plan to have some staff on site from 21 – 23 December closing up the site, doing minor work and making the site safe for the Christmas period. This includes ensuring all our plant and equipment is returned to the compound, cleaned and prepared ready for next year. This will set us up nicely to continue the repair in the New Year. We will now be back to work on 9 January 2017, rather than 4 January.

What hours will you work?

Standard working hours will be 07:30-18:00.  We may need to extend beyond these depending on the low tide, with the earliest start being 06:00 and latest finish 22:00. Working hours are displayed on the notice board by the public toilet.

Will the work cause disruption?

Now piling has finished noise and vibration levels will be significantly reduced but levels will be routinely monitored as required. The installed piles are currently below beach level however, if there is a storm over the shutdown period, they may become exposed. Although this is not an issue to the design of the piles, they may become a low-level tripping hazard to beach users in the short term. We have therefore temporarily closed the intermediate step onto the beach for your own safety. Access is still available at both ends of the beach using the slipway and the end stairs. We feel these access routes onto the beach are safer because they bring you down to beach level where the piles are easily visible. We have also erected signs warning beach users about the piles. 

How can I contact the site to ask questions?

Contact the Site Manager Andrew Pointon-Bell on 07734 577883

When and how will I get further communications?

Further updates will be sent by email to those who are on our email circulation list. If you want to join this list please send your request to There will be notice boards on display on the fence by the public toilet in the beach car park before the start of each work cycle. These will give details of the expected working times.


  • Publish Date: Saturday 10th December 2016