Sunday 26 September 2021

Update 12 on the Environment Agency's work at Torcross

Information about construction    November 2016

The Environment Agency is working to complete a repair to stabilise the existing flood defence in Torcross. The next phase of the Torcross project is the construction phase.

What does the work involve?

We will commence with the installation of 12m long sheet piles approximately 650mm in front of the existing line of piles. A concrete capping beam will then be cast on top of these piles completing the structure.

When will work start?

Work will begin on Monday 7th November, Piling will start at the corner adjacent to the existing slipway and run from North to South, parallel to the existing structure. We will operate an 11 days on / 3 days off shift pattern. Piling work relies on the tides and good weather. It’s possible we might work for a greater number of days if the weather is good.

What hours will you work?

Standard working hours will be 07:30-18:00.  Piling works will extend beyond these depending on the low tide.  With the earliest start being 06:00 and latest finish 22:00. 

Will the work cause disruption?

Piling will cause noise and vibration within permitted levels. Levels will be routinely monitored.

How can I contact the site to ask questions?

Contact the Site Manager Andrew Pointon-Bell on 07734 577883

When and how will I get further communications?

Further updates will be sent by email to those who are on our email circulation list. If you want to join this list please send your request to

There will be notice boards on display on the fence by the public toilet in the beach car park before the start of each work cycle. These will give details of the expected working times.

We will also post notices through the door for people most directly affected. 

  • Publish Date: Monday 7th November 2016