Sunday 26 September 2021

Environment Agency weekly update on Torcross Week 5

This week: 14 – 18 March 2016
- We completed our ground investigation survey work this week. The fencing has been removed, and for safety we have fitted lockable-covers to the boreholes. There will be on-going monitoring of water levels.
- Trial pits in front of the hotel and the slipway were also completed, and no structural voids were found.
- The survey works measuring the crack widths and wall movements have shown that there is now no discernible on-going movement.
Next week: 21 - 25 March 2016

- Survey measurements will continue once a week, unless storm conditions prompt a review or significant movement is reported to us.
-We will continue reviewing all the data gathered from the site investigations to determine which repair options are technically and economically feasible. The repair to the seawall is being planned to fulfil the requirements of the South Devon and Dorset Shoreline Management Plan. At Torcross, the present day policy is to “Hold the Line” to protect assets within the village through maintaining existing defences for as long as technically possible, where this can be economically justified. We are considering a number of different solutions, with the aim of repairing the defence to continue protecting the village for another 25 - 50 years. As we confirmed last week, this stage will take approximately a month.

  • Publish Date: Monday 21st March 2016