Sunday 05 December 2021

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If you live or work in the Slapton Line area, or you are a regular user of the coast road here is some information linking to predicted storms or information about the state of the road. 

State of the road:

Devon County Council Highways Twitter 

Kingsbridge Police Facebook Page 

Start Bay Inn Twitter

Flood warningsEnvironment Agency Flood Warnings Note that there are three levels of flood warning used: flood watch, flood warning and severe flood warning.

You can see if there are any flood warnings in place at the moment for the Slapton Line. 

If you live in the area - why not put yourself on Flood Warnings Direct service by calling 0845 988 1188 (they can give you advance warning by phone, text or email) or register with the  Environment Agency Direct service.

These warnings have become more accurate recently as they now look at a smaller length of coast and are aware that it is the easterly winds that are damaging to the Slapton beach.

Predicting that the road will flood is not a precise art. It depends on wind speed, and direction, the tide and air pressure. You can get some more information about these from xcweather  for wind direction,  magicseaweed  a surfers online map showing wind and swell, and for the state of the tide see easytide.


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