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April Brings Easterly Storms - Pics

April Brings Easterly Storms - Pics

17th and 18th April saw the biggest storms to hit Slapton beach certainly since the road was damaged in 2001.  See pictures pictures taken by local photographer and video below.

There are a number of websites that you can get up-to-the minute information on storms/floods from : 

Environment Agency flood warnings in place. Note that there are three levels of flood warning used flood watch, flood warning and severe flood warning.  

If the road is closed there are diversion routes running from Stokenham maked by black circles running north and diamonds running south. For map see Alternate route

Predicting that the road will flood is not a precise art.  It depends on a number of factors including the weather severity (see Met Office website); the precise wind direction (see xcweather for a more detailed version- an easterly or north easterly cause most damage to the beach); the state of the tide (height at that point and whether it is a particularly high tide see easytide); and whether there is an additional surge caused by an area of low pressure. The Environment Agency website does not give very precise details for the Slapton line - it tends to put a more severe warning level to severe weather coming from the South West, whereas it is the Easterly winds which do the most damage.

  • Publish Date: Tuesday 29th April 2008