Tuesday 01 December 2020

Environment Agency weekly update on Torcross Week 4

This week: 7 March – 11 March 2016
- Investigation and survey works continued this week. We measured the underlying rock levels in a number of places to help us consider potential options. The on-going borehole works ‘behind’ the wave wall continued with the new drilling equipment we brought to site, but progress was interrupted due to some machinery problems. 
- Trial pit works at either end of the sea wall are continuing to investigate potential voids.
- We continued monitoring the wall but no further movement has been reported.

Next week: 14 March – 18 March 2016
It is anticipated that the ground investigation works will be completed next week. We’ll then remove the contractor’s cabins however this doesn’t mean we’ve stopped working on a repair solution for Torcross. Weekly survey monitoring works will continue and we’ll be using the evidence we’ve collected to review the different repair options. This will take approximately a month and we’ll then share with you more details of the option(s) that are technically and economically feasible

  • Publish Date: Monday 14th March 2016