Tuesday 01 December 2020

Environment Agency weekly update on Torcross 2

Week 2 This week: 22-26 February 2016
Our investigation works continued this week with topographical survey works taking place every 3 days to monitor the wall structure for movement. There has been no further movement so far.
- We started drilling boreholes through the promenade. This work was slightly delayed due to a thicker and stronger concrete road than anticipated. Information is now being collected from these holes to understand movement and develop any required repair options.
- A contingency plan is also being prepared to rapidly bring in supporting materials in the event of further movement.

Next week: 29 February – 4 March 2016
As promised, we’ll continue our investigation works and we will keep updating you on our progress via www.slaptonline.org. Investigations can take a while but they are vital to ensure we have the evidence to understand whether different repair options are technically and economically feasible. It is still the case that all options are currently open to us and no decisions have been made about the best solution.

  • Publish Date: Monday 29th February 2016