Tuesday 01 December 2020

Environment Agency weekly update on Torcross Week 3

This week: 29 February – 4 March 2016

Our focus remains on investigation works. The four boreholes we drilled into the promenade surface are helping us collect information about the ground beneath the sea wall.

  • Bed rock has been located about 14 metres below the promenade level and follow-on boreholes will now be drilled into this rock to find out how strong it is. This follow-on work requires a larger drilling rig to be brought to site, which we are currently arranging. We hope to start this work in the second half of next week. The larger rig should not affect access to property.

  • Survey work tracking any further sea wall movement is ongoing. Very slight movement occurred mid way along the wall during last weekend’s onshore winds. The largest displacement was 6mm. The majority of the wall did not move. We will repeat these surveys twice weekly, unless storm conditions prompt a review or significant movement is reported.

 Next week: 7 March – 11 March 2016

  • We plan to investigate rock levels in front of the sheet pile wall. Smaller scale ‘probes’ will be pushed into the ground to find the rock levels. We are obtaining the relevant permissions to work on the beach, and hope to start this work later next week.

  • An initial engineering assessment of repair options has started, and we will update this as our ground investigations progress.

We understand that rumours suggest that we are considering significantly raising the height of the wave return wall. We wanted to reassure you that this is not the case. The project is investigating the feasibility of repairing and restoring the overall stability of the sea defence wall as a whole. This project will not improve the standard of protection provided by the sea wall and thus the level of the wall is unlikely to change.

All enquiries about this project should be sent to devoncornwallenquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk. If you need to report an emergency incident at Torcross please call our 24 hour incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.


  • Publish Date: Sunday 6th March 2016