Tuesday 01 December 2020

Environment Agency weekly update on Torcross 22-26 Feb

Environment Agency launch weekly update on their work at Torcross
The Environment Agency will provide a weekly update on the Slapton Line Partnership website to keep residents in Torcross updated on our work on the damaged section of the sea wall, which we maintain.

15-19 February 2016
This week our contractors started investigations using ground penetrating radar and trial holes. These investigations will continue for several weeks and will help us understand the extent of the damage to this section of sea wall. Once we have completed our investigations we will review whether different repair options are technically and economically feasible. All options are currently open to us and no decisions have been made about the best solution.

  • We started work with Bill Fletcher Neal, who has agreed to be our single point of contact within the Torcross community. We will keep in regular contact with Bill to understand what questions or concerns the community has and we will aim to answer frequently asked questions in our weekly updates.

  • We have appointed Rebecca Richards (Project Manager) as the single point of contact for any enquiries about the Environment Agency’s investigation and remedial work at Torcross. Enquiries should be sent to devoncornwallenquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk.

22-26 February 2016
Next week we will continue our investigation work by drilling a small number of boreholes through the promenade to understand what is below the sea wall. Please be reassured that we continue to monitor the wall for movement every 3 days. However if you do need to report an emergency incident at Torcross please call our 24 hour incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.

  • Publish Date: Saturday 20th February 2016