Tuesday 01 December 2020

Shingle Works Completed

Shingle Works Completed Shingle Works Completed

Shingle movements to protect the sea wall at Torcross have raised beach levels by over 1.5 metres, covering the most vulnerable part of the wall, according to South Hams engineers and the Slapton Line Partnership.
South Hams District Council Engineering Manager Chris Brook said: "The plan was to place shingle in front of the lower sections of the Torcross sea wall, which had been exposed in the severe storms of last year.  We've done this and the beach level has gone up by 1.6 metres (5ft) along the length of the wall".
He added: "The low level of the beach before we started meant that we couldn't run the bulldozers along the beach -  they would have been in the water, so we had to run the shingle along the top of the wall and then let the tide wash it down onto the beach."
Seeing the shingle being washed down has led to local residents fears that the work had been a waste of time.
Councillor John Baverstock, the ward councillor, said: "We could perhaps have explained ourselves better, but this was a complex operation we needed to get on with. From drawing the national funding in, planning and execution it has taken a couple of months and we wanted to get the shingle in place before any further storms."
He added: "This is the first time that we have had to take such measures and this follows the storms of February 2014, which the coastal experts tell us, were the most 'energetic storms in 60 years'.  It's expensive to do this kind of thing and you only need to see the damage done at Dawlish to see how unpredictable and expensive storms can be."
Work in the area is continuing and additional shingle will be moved to provide additional protection for the road.

CAPTIONS: These photos tell the story ...  The first photo showing the 1.9m drop below the concrete capping was taken on January 30, and then the next, taken on February 8, show that the sea has done its work in redistributing the shingle across the beach. It was not possible to grade the shingle across the beach because the bulldozer would have been underwater.

Attached below is a technical briefing on the sea wall protection measures.