Sunday 05 December 2021

Background & Timeline

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The interactive timeline above explains the background to the shingle ridge and its fascinating history... and why it is so susceptible to storm damage.

For information about the Slapton Line Partnership go to about us

For further information about the formation of Slapton Ley or how it may change in the future see:

(The current status of the line is explained in these posters which were presented at local village halls and libraries during 2019.)

Exeter University Geography Course Slapton Field Trip notes

Slapton - Exeter University Field Trip notes - Professor Bruce Webb Slapton_-_Exeter_Uni_Field_Trip_notes_-_Webb.

Shoreline Management Plan (SMP2) - relevant section

(Durlston head to rame head smp2 - section)

The Shoreline Management Plan is the document which tells you what the coastal management policy is for each section of the coast


Coastal Baseline

Environmental Baseline


How Might Slapton Ley Evolve in the Long Term ?

A concern for the communities around Start Bay is that a breach of Slapton beach all the way through to the freshwater Ley will lead to a drastic change in the view;  the water will drain out, leaving foul smelling mud and adversely changing the bird, animal and plant life. The area will be less attractive to residents as well as visitors which in turn help to provide the livelihood for many of the businesses.

But this study by comparing to what has happened at another barrier breach, Porlock in Somerset, seeks to answer the question - how might Slapton Ley evolve ? The story is a surprising one, after a period of drastic change, a new richer habitat has emerged creating a lot of local and national interest.

Download the pdf below or click on the video of Nigel Hester from the National Trust explaining what happened next :