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This website exists to provide information about the Slapton Line and particulalry about the status and future of the A379 road; it is funded and maintained by the Slapton Line Partnership.

The Slapton Line Partnership
The Partnership was formed in 2001 in response to a closure of the coast road (between the Slapton turn and Strete Gate) caused by storm damage which lasted three months. 

The Partnership exists to:

  1. maintain the coast road for as long as reasonably possible
  2. support the community as it adapts to live and work with the changing coast, including the temporary and eventual permanent loss of the coast road
  3. to try and minimise the impact of future road closures on the community

Terms of Reference.

The Partnership brings together the following community and government bodies under the following structures:

Partnership Steering Group includes members from :

  • South Hams District Council (SHDC)
  • South Devon AONB
  • Devon County Council
  • Natural England
  • Environment Agency (EA)
  • Field Studies Council representing the Whitley Wildlife Trust
  • Community representatives from the Parish Councils (Strete, Stokenham and Slapton) as well as South Hams District Council and Devon County Council 

The Steering Group meets regularly to consider future strategy for the Slapton Line and respond to events. Access the Minutes of the Steering Group

Current Situation 2020

The current status of the line is explained in the following posters which were presented at local village halls and libraries during 2019.

There is a number of documents which help provide background to the current situation include:

  • Slapton Line Partnership Revised Strategy October 2019

    This study has shown that there is now no room left to move the road following the severe storm of 2018 which devastated 700m of the highway and made it necessary to move it up 20m closer to the edge of Slapton Ley. Though it is impossible to predict when damage will occur, sea level rise and changing weather patterns will lead to the road being increasingly at risk.
    As a result the Partnership has had to create a new plan of action for the future and accepts that, if another storm badly damages the road and it can't be easily repaired, the road is unlikely to be replaced again. 
    The Partnership realises that this would have a huge impact on local communities and road users, so they have created an Adaptation Plan.  This has been informed by suggestions from the community at a series of recent workshops to reduce the impact and make changes to help the communities thrive after the road has gone.
    Significant funding has already been used to improve passing places and road surfaces along alternative routes and some improvements will continue to be made.

  • Draft Adaptation Plan v4 2020

    The adaptation plan’s purpose is to both mitigate the impact of the future closure of the A379 Slapton Line road through storm damage and develop the opportunities that will occur.

  • Overall Executive Summary of 2006 Consultants' Report

    Consultants report and recommendations from 2006 which was commissioned following the damage to the road in 2001. This then formed the basis for the SLP strategy from 2006.


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